ZELLIS is a leader in multichannel commerce solutions with specialist expertise in marketplaces, integrations and data management. Located in Cebu, Philippines, our in-house team of ecommerce specialists has been curating and optimising product data for websites and marketplaces for several years.

After several years of hands-on experience, we’ve now made our Merchant Services Team available to extend the capabilities of your own staff by working to support your business exclusively. When you’re short on time or patience to do what needs to be done, we are ready and waiting.

Filipino support workers or virtual assistants are widely employed by businesses around the world and are known for their patient, professional and persistent approach, as well as speaking English natively. But our Merchant Services team goes far beyond typical VAs. Having a ZELLIS Merchant Services Specialist on your team means you can tap into the knowledge, skills and expertise of the entire ZELLIS team, and all for a fraction of the cost of an equivalent employee in Australia.

What a ZELLIS Merchant Services Specialist can do for you:

Each ZELLIS Merchant Services Specialist works exclusively for your business for an average of 40 hours per week, and will be available on call during the hours that you specify to attend quickly to any urgent tasks. Non-urgent tasks may be undertaken outside of the regular hours, and may sometimes be undertaken by other members of the ZELLIS team to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. You will communicate directly with your Merchant Services Specialist, and will also be able to speak with our experienced Merchant Services Team Leaders should the need arise.

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